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Maintained by Mark Nelson
Enables the creation of dynamically generated certificates with complete customisation via the web browser.
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This plugin allows the generation of dynamic PDF certificates with complete customisation via the web browser.

Currently supported versions: 3.11, 4.0 and 4.1.

Please do not ask support questions here. For support please post on the support forums.

GDPR Compliant.

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This plugin is part of set MoodleCloud.


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Mark Nelson (Lead maintainer)
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نمایش نظرات
  • سه‌شنبه، 26 ژوئیهٔ 2022، 5:42 PM
    Hi, can I add new placeholder {$a->coursefullname} under language customization for email?
  • چهارشنبه، 3 اوت 2022، 4:10 AM

    Junto con saludar y agradecer este plugin, quisiera ver la posibilidad si usted puede agregar la función de descargar masivamente los certificados generados, ya sea en el rol de Administrador o gestor.

    de antemano muchas gracias.

    PD: mi Moodle es versión 4.0
  • دوشنبه، 8 اوت 2022، 12:20 PM

    Hello, is it possible to verify certificate with custom field or modify so that it can be done?
  • جمعه، 14 اکتبر 2022، 9:32 PM
    Hi, Mark Nelson!

    I submit a pull request that fix a error thrown when we have custom profile fields ( ).

    This error occurs because when there a mandatory field in the users profile, the JOINs with the 'user custom field' table's must be included. As Moodle already has the solution ready for this, in this patch I used the native solution..

    I hope it helps.
  • دوشنبه، 24 اکتبر 2022، 10:44 PM
    Hi! Is anyone using moodle 4.0 with no problems?
  • پنجشنبه، 10 نوامبر 2022، 4:50 AM
    I have 5 professors for 5 courses, one from each educational institution.
    I want to know if it is possible to create a different certificate for each institution, and a professor does not see the certificate of others.
    Detail: All courses are created by the administrator.
    Is there any way to hide other certificate templates?
  • سه‌شنبه، 29 نوامبر 2022، 6:27 PM
    plaese this plugin support RTL arabic fonts??
  • سه‌شنبه، 6 دسامبر 2022، 4:59 PM
    Hi Mark, is there any way to customize the email that is sent to participants? Unfortunately I can't find the email. Thanks
  • جمعه، 16 دسامبر 2022، 4:42 PM
    Hello. Would this plugin work with Moodle 4.1? Thanks.
  • دوشنبه، 19 دسامبر 2022، 11:09 PM
    Any future plans for adding a download-all button? So that all PDF's can be downloaded at once?
  • سه‌شنبه، 27 دسامبر 2022، 7:03 PM
    Hello and thank you for this plugin!
    I have been using it since 3.0 but I finally ran into a problem. Has anyone had any luck working with .svg files? Mine invariably turn black when the PDF is generated.
    Thanks for your help!
  • سه‌شنبه، 17 ژانویهٔ 2023، 6:48 PM
    Used to issue certs from the admin tab. used to be able to see a list of "certs issued" from each template. since Moodle 4.0 cant see this anymore. no way to access this data. anyone help?
  • دوشنبه، 23 ژانویهٔ 2023، 10:02 PM
    Hi, I've got installed a Moodle 3.10 and I want to know how can I change de date format to instert this field in spanish? Thank you very much.
  • چهارشنبه، 25 ژانویهٔ 2023، 12:41 AM
    Juan Fortuna, podrías decirme como quieres hacer tu certificado con la fecha? yo obtengo las fechas de inicio y fin del curso y en mi certificado pongo, de tal fecha a tal fecha y lo resolví
  • چهارشنبه، 29 مارس 2023، 8:28 PM

    Primero agradecer este plugin, quisiera ver la posibilidad si usted puede agregar la función de que sea visible una fotografia miniatura para que cuando se pegue la url en linkedin sea visible. Es para Administrador o gestor.

    De antemano muchas gracias.

    PD: mi Moodle es versión 4.0
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