Restriction by course completion

Availability conditions ::: availability_coursecompleted
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Restrict module and section access based on course completion.
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This availability condition makes it easy to show modules or sections only when a user completed a course. A course certificate is a good sample, but it can also be used to close discussion forums, hide quizzes or exams when a user finished a course.

Course completion is something else than doing all activities, read the docs on using course completion first! Also check the global documentation about conditional availability conditions.


  1. Unpack the zip file into the availability/condition/ directory. A new directory will be created called coursecompleted.
  2. Go to Site administration > Notifications to complete the plugin installation.


  1. Goto "Administration" > "Advanced features", and ensure that "Enable completion tracking" is set to yes.
  2. Make sure "Enable completion tracking" is set to "yes" in the course settings.
  3. Goto "Administration" > "Course administration" > "Course completion", and configure the the conditions required for course completion. Note: you must set some conditions, you cannot just set the "completion requirements" option at the top. Save.
  4. Goto "Administration" > "Course adminiatration". Make sure you can now "Course completion" listed under "reports". If you cannot see this report, then course completion has not been set correctly.
  5. Start restricting


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Renaat Debleu (Lead maintainer)
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  • Renaat
    Wed, Jul 13, 2016, 4:46 PM
    The string "Not available unless: You completed this course." has 2 parts : get_string('a list_root_and','availability') and get_string('getdescription', 'availability_coursecompleted').

    So technically, it is possible to modify those 2 strings using language customisation. But the change of the list_root_and string will reflect on ALL availability restrictions....
  • Thu, Jul 14, 2016, 7:56 AM
    Fantastic, thank you very much smile
  • Tue, Sep 26, 2017, 10:29 PM
    Can this plugin restrict access to "anything" in a course if ANOTHER course is not complete? If so, how?
    We need a behavior that prevent users from accessing anything in course two if course one is not complete.
    On a module, my Add Restriction popup has "Course Completed" with only a yes or no value. I was hoping in the Course completed options I could select another course that needs to be completed before any module in course two could be accessed.
  • Renaat
    Fri, Sep 29, 2017, 10:33 PM
    No, this plugin restricts access to modules upon the completion of the current course.

    For me, the best solution for your situation is to create a local or enrolment plugin that enrols users upon a core\event\course_completed event. The load on the server will be much smaller and people will not be part of a course where they cannot access anything...
  • Thu, Jan 4, 2018, 5:23 AM
    Hi, why this plugin is not available for MDL 3.0?
  • Renaat
    Thu, Jan 4, 2018, 4:46 PM
    Sorry about this, somewhere I forgot to include a Moodle 3.0 version. This problem should now be fixed.
  • Mon, Feb 12, 2018, 10:24 PM
    Hi Renaat, Thanks for this great plugin. I didn't quite know where to post this, but we were wondering if there's ever been discussion of setting a restriction at the course level. This plugin lets us restrict activities/modules, but we want to restrict an entire course based upon the completion of another course. Hoping you can provide insight. Thanks! Ryan
  • Renaat
    Tue, Feb 13, 2018, 12:15 AM
    Hello Ryan,

    Restricting at course level is default for Moodle courses: as long as a person is not enrolled into a course, he/she does not have access to this course. So I do not understand your question as nobody can access your course as long as he/she is not enrolled.

    But it is possible to enroll someone only upon course completion: have a look a the course completed enrolment plugin. This plugin enrolls users who successfully complete course 1 into course 2. This way access to course 2 is restricted until participants complete course 1.
  • Tue, Feb 13, 2018, 1:19 AM
    Thank you Renaat. I will check out the course completed enrolment plugin. We don't want to restrict enrollments, we want to restrict access to a course. Our Moodle syncs with our registration software, and we want students to be enrolled in classes they register for. We have created an online learning course that is a prerequisite for online courses. We don't students to have access to courses they've registered for until they complete the online learning course. I hope that makes sense. Thank you very much.
  • Ricardo Caiado
    Thu, Apr 19, 2018, 2:24 AM
    I got this error message when I try to upload...

    Downloading availability_coursecompleted ... OK
    Validating availability_coursecompleted ... Error
    [Error] Required Moodle version [2017111302]
    Installation aborted due to validation failure
  • Renaat
    Thu, Apr 19, 2018, 11:54 AM
    Sorry about this, I will downgrade the required Moodle version from 2017111302 to 2017111300 so the problem should disappear.
  • Mon, Nov 4, 2019, 12:53 AM
    Hi All
    I have 2 Course A and B Student Already Enroll Both course I need B course or B Course activity only access student must complete A course how to achieve this thing ? any Idea please help me
  • Renaat
    Mon, Nov 4, 2019, 1:15 AM
    Hi Shiraz,

    this plugin only restricts access to activities upon completion of this course. If you want to enrol a student when they complete a course, you can use the plugin.

    Course A: configure course completion
    Course B: add enrolment upon completion of course A
    => When a student completes course A, he/she is enrolled into course B
  • Mon, May 25, 2020, 5:08 PM
    I can't get this plugin to work..
    If I add the restriction "Course completed", I only get to choose "Yes" og "No".. There is no box to choose which course I want the student to have passed..
    I have moodle version 3.8
  • Renaat
    Tue, May 26, 2020, 12:26 AM
    Hi Tom,

    this plugin restricts access until or after THIS course is completed. If you want to restrict access upon another course, you will need another plugin: restrict access upon other course completion.

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