Learning map

A learning map provides an easy way of improving the visualization of activities and their completion state in a moodle course. It can be used for easy creation of dependent activities and individualization of learning paths.

Advanced Grading report

Report on assignments that have been graded using the advanced grading methods, Rubric or Marking Guide. Shows a breakdown of the grades and comments. Covers similar ground to https://github.com/pauln/moodle-report_componentgrades The Rubric and Marking Guide breakdown reports can be reached from the course page by clicking on an assignment and selecting from this menu. The menu option shown will depend on the grading method of the assignment.


The DisCourse activity offers the possibility to conduct group discussions in a multi-step procedure.

Blocks Manager

An admin tool that allows you to control a block layout across units.

ClickView Video (Activity)

The ClickView activity plugin for Moodle enables you to quickly and safely browse through your entire ClickView library, the ClickView exchange and your own personal workspace from within Moodle.

Health center

The health center is a tool for detecting miscellaneous problems on your site.

Word censorship

The word censorship filter enables certain user-selected words to be "blacked out" in the flow of any text submitted within a course. The primary use is for censoring obscene or other unwanted words entered by learners in activities like Forums and Wikis.

Quiz results

The Quiz results block displays the highest and/or lowest grades achieved on a quiz within a course. There must be a quiz in the course to correctly configure this block.

Box repository

The Box repository enables users to copy files from Box into Moodle.

Box portfolio

Portfolios in Moodle make it easy for a student to export their work to an external portfolio. This is a portfolio plugin for exporting content to Box.


Jabber is the original name of the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), an open standard instant messaging protocol.

Brasil UF e Município

This plugins allows to select city (Municipio) based on the selected UF (Unidade da Federação). The list of municipios for selected UF is fetched from IBGE's API.


This plugin is an assistant to prepare an existing course as a notebook for communication between parents and teachers.


Course enrolment via Sberbank payment gateway

Site Notice

Site wide notices displayed in a modal pop up


This plugin allows users to edit and collaborate on office documents from Moodle using ONLYOFFICE Docs.


This plugin enables multiple users to collaboratively edit office documents from Moodle in real time using ONLYOFFICE Document Server (Online editor), and to save back those changes back to Moodle.

Flex Quiz

Create quizzes where the number of questions and repetitions adapt to student performances. Standard quizzes can be taken to define the initial question pool.


A custom field to attach files

TYPO3 Repository Activity

The TYPO3 Repository and SSO Plugin connects a TYPO3 Installation with the Moodle installation. You can choose a TYPO3 page from a page tree to be embedded in the Moodle course.

Formula with steps RÉCIT

This question type is derived from the Formulas question. It allows you to generate a problem containing random variables or a table of values. It allows students to easily upload a photo of their mathematical approach.

Learning Tools

Create bookmarks, take notes, schedule activities and focus mode for better learning experiences … and much more!

Take Picture RÉCIT

This atto plugin allows to take pictures directly from your webcam, crop them, and integrate them to your text.

Short Answer Similarity

A short answer similarity question type that allows a students written response answer to be automatically marked, using a multi-sentence similarity calculator.

Language pack dropper

Moodle admin tool to download and update language packs which are not located / maintained in AMOS.


A plugin for atto to easily insert inline code tags.

Interactive Video Suite

Encourage discussions with pinpointed video comments, add in-video questions or highlight important sections visually. Social Video Learning made easy with the Interactive Video Suite!

Organization Management 💯

The organizational module allows you to build one or more corporate hierarchies of any structure. This theme is part of a corporate LMS package which makes the Moodle system suitable for a complete enterprise training organization with several plugins. If you are interested in it, contact us for further information on lms@veloxnet.hu.